Sunday, January 2, 2011

Re-think Job Ads

Let’s re-think this. You’ve all seen it, a job advertisement that asking for the world and basically paying minimum wage. Now, I understand hiring someone in, starting them for less during a probation period, but look at what they are expecting. I have the experience and abilities, plus an astronomically high credit score, which somehow has become part of several employee screenings. I don’t have a mortgage and I don’t pay rent. Also, the family cars are paid off. I was frugal before the economic downturn, when it became popular and I could teach the power company about being energy efficient, plus when I buy something, I only look for deals and I find them too.

To continue, I’m telling you that I cannot afford to work for this employer at $10 per hour! Even the other job starting at $15 hourly, they are prejudice against me because I live 10 miles further then their “preferred” areas. Now that’s just wrong, especially to advertise this. Let’s break it down. Not only do they want me to know the latest software and be efficient, but as described below in their ad, either in the first ad, I’ll be answering phones and filing, or as in the second ad, design graphics for web and print, including 3D, plus market and advertise using the social media networks. Also I need construction experience, specifically carpentry for displays. Again, I must know the latest software and protocols….I have this expertise, the tools and software for either job, but when you simply evaluate the expenses verses income, no one can afford it. Even just loosely examining it, unless the job is within walking distance, I cannot afford the gas (probably why the 2nd ad asks for someone within surrounding areas, but they still shouldn’t advertise that). On the first, after taxes, I’m making less then $8 an hour. One to Two weeks of my wages go to my “I gotta have it” affordable health insurance; the rest of the month wages pay for groceries, electricity. The pay doesn’t even cover the minimum necessities.

Simply put, I suggest as I do, as a perspective employee, put “negotiable” for wages desired on an application; the organization should list the job pay is commensurate with experience. I would then ask the chosen candidates chosen based on my criteria, what he/she would consider a good starting wage should be? Then again evaluate based off what best suits the company.

I also realize that a pay scale isn’t based on my bills, but if someone like me with relatively no bills cannot afford to take the job, what kind of candidates do you propose to get? ~D

Design/Administrative Assistant Needed (Palm Beach, Florida)

Date: 2010-12-29, 11:47AM EST
Reply to:
job-??????????? [Errors when replying to ads?]

Retail store in Palm Beach is looking for a loyal, responsible, hard working part time employee, to do general Administrative Work & Graphic Design.

Daily tasks Include but are not limited to:
- Answering Phones, general filing, & entering bills.
- Taking pictures & videos of merchandise.
- Designing postcards, and general mailers for store promotions.

Need a person who is dependable and will comitt to their work days & times.
Required Documents:
1. Resume
2. Verifiable References

***** Must be efficient in CS2 software, Microsoft office and PC's.*****

· Location: Palm Beach, Florida

· Compensation: $10.00 an hour to start, raise based on proficiency.

· This is a part-time job.


Production Assistant with Web/Design Software Skills (Boca Raton)

Date: 2010-12-08, 12:49PM EST
Reply to: see below

Blank is a Trade Show Display design and manufacturing company serving national clientele. We're looking for someone with web/graphic design skills and carpentry experience to join our team.

Our Cycle of Production is as follows:
1. Internet and Print Marketing (Using our Online Website/Store, E-Mails, Google AdWords, Brochures, and soon Social Media Like FaceBook and YouTube).
2. Potential clients contact us and we produce 3D Renderings of displays that will best suit them according to their needs.
3. When the client decides to purchase, the order goes to production and we will order the required materials, build the display in our warehouse, and then ship to client's show or other location.

The ideal candidate will be able to assist with most or all of the above as well as aid in the streamlining and expansion of our Cycle of Production. Positive attitude and a creative thought is a must.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have experience using these applications, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.
You MUST have working knowledge of the following:
• Photoshop
• Illustrator
• Dreamweaver
• 3D Studio MAX
• Excel
• Word
• Outlook

AutoCAD skills are a plus.

Below is a list of potential duties.


• 3D Studio Max for Display Design
• Dreamweaver to assist with e-mail design, web design and other internet materials
• Photoshop and Illustrator for graphic design
• (Not Mandatory) AutoCAD for submitting display designs to suppliers.


• Operation of woodworking tools like Table Saw, Chop Saw, Staple Guns, etc.
• Formica Laminating, Trimming, and Filing.
• Assist with building the displays (requires physical strength)
• Packing displays into crates, cases, and tubs.
• Cleaning and Organizing Warehouse

The ideal candidate will have the following qualities:

• Positive, upbeat attitude
• Creative Thinker and Visionary
• Excellent people skills
• Resourceful
• Fast-learner
• Organized
• Ability to multi-task
• Non-Smoker

ABOUT US: This is a small, casual office, so we have fun, but we also work hard & get the job done! This position is great for someone who is business-minded and is looking to get in and grow with a solid company! For more info visit our Website. We're located near Clint Moore & Congress in Boca Raton, so candidates living in BOCA RATON, DELRAY BEACH, OR BOYNTON BEACH are preferred!

***CLICK HERE TO APPLY (We created an online form to streamline the application process.)***

35-40 HOURS / WEEK
1 hour lunch break
Starting Pay is
while training. Pay increase depends on skill level.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walking the Dog....tip

I sure love my dog. Asha is a black lab mix we invited into our home from the pound. She’s really still a puppy at 8 months. She is a handful; more then Sophia who was our poodle Scottish terrier mix, who got hit by a car about a year ago. Here is a tile stepper tribute to our missed family member. It’s still hard to talk about her.

I wanted to share a tip. Asha darts side to side and sometimes lunges from a stand still. Obviously she’s still being trained; however she has surprised me early in the morning, when I’m still sleepy and holding my coffee. I just want to keep her safe and not hit by a car, so I found a way to hold the leash that seems to tighten as she pulls and she hasn’t surprised me by jerking it out of my hand since.

It’s simple enough. I put my two middle fingers coming from underneath through the handle of the soft leash. Then I separate those two fingers and double them back over the two sides that form the handle. The two sides wrap the fingers snuggly. The leash will not just fall out of your hand and frankly, it will not be pulled out either.

And please clean up after your pets please.....Thank You! ~D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

VW woes

It’s a start. And I have to start somewhere, so here is my first blog. I really don’t like complaining, first of all it doesn't get you anywhere, but I am tired how consumer we are and how we are being lead like stupid cattle to the slaughter. We work hard for our money, scrimping and saving to buy high ticket items such as a car and their disposable. When did this happen? My 2003 has less then 35k miles and the inside is falling apart. I even heard this about the line before buying, but thought it was just a fluke. They must have gotten a lemon. I’m really just tired of it. The roof liner is hanging here and there with orange glue sticking all over when you try and tuck it back into shape. My electric window went out, I tried to re-align the cable but of course the PLASTIC (now they use a compressed foam that rapidly bio degrades, not even close to being as tough as plastic) was mangled by the cable as one would expect…engineered to a fault, so I had to replace the inner door with motor. I also taped up the deteriorating speaker from vibrating over the radio. The other speaker needs fixing too. This isn’t the first thing I fixed either; there was the arm rest which I had to glue the hinges. And soon after that, knowing how fragile this cars interior parts are, I specifically used my thumb to leverage any torque on the latch for the glove compartment.

Well one day I didn’t let my thumb set before pulling the latch and that was all it took. Just one more thing to fix and actually I forgot to mention the head light covers, which one just flew off on a trip across state for a job interview. I siliconed my own cut cover and heated to contour plexi cover. Most people don't notice, or tell me to change the other which is yellow'd.

Sorry, it is just not right. I took engineering classes and I know a few things. Car companies engineer parts to break. And cars that are engineered for countries that cannot afford to buy one as often, they are engineered to last longer. Welcome to the consumer world.

Unfortunately we need to make a stink. Bitch more and not put up with just getting what we get. I know it is so bureaucratic and time consuming, but it isn’t right. We deserve better. It use to be. So what’s changed? Why do they get away with selling us substandard product to us and we are paying top dollar as far as over all consumers of the world. It’s not just the car companies, but computer and software companies as well. We just need to unite as consumers and let our voice be heard. Stop selling us untested, cheap products! Continue to use the internet and research and I guess ultimately don’t buy it unless you have to. It seems kind of like a boycott, but hopefully it will make the producers of the products we want more weary of us as comsumers and not just our buying power, but our voice of what we want and expect from the product the seller as a whole. Force them to listen by hitting them where it will hurt. Their bottom line.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friends and family; people I don't even know. Come one come all too where your voice is heard. I will be posting blogs from professionals in their fields with something to say, from problems with their career occupations to the best way to achieve a result in a particular task which qualifies them as an expert. We are friends, family and next door neighbors in the community. We have experiences to share that can help keep us more informed and equip us with essential tools for what is to come if we cannot avoid what has been set in motion. "Spout the Truth" to inform others and self educate.